Olive Tree Music Academy Winter Solo Recitals 2019


We’re so excited to see and hear everyone play at this week’s recitals!  All details are below.

 Recital schedule:
The full student list and schedule is viewable on bottom of this page. Please check that your time is accurate especially if you’ve requested a change. The schedule is sorted by teacher at the moment but that can change.  It’s not in performance order.  Recitals will be approximately 1 hour each, please anticipate on staying the entire time.

Arrival Time

Please arrive at the hotel 15 minutes earlier than your recital time, but not any earlier than that because the last recital should be ending as you arrive and the hotel has asked us to avoid people standing in the hallways.  You are encouraged to set up your instrument in the side room and get yourself warmed up, or try the ballroom’s piano before we start.

Can I change to a different recital time?

Yes, you still can. Send us an email to request a different time. However, your teacher is likely only attending one or two recitals (see list below).  If you can only come to a recital where your teacher isn’t present then we still encourage you to perform during a time slot that works for you.

Recital attendance by teacher:

Bonnie – Wed Feb 27 5-6pm
Chris – Fri Feb 22 8-9pm
Christine – Fri Feb 22 8-9pm
Evan – Wed Feb 27 8-9pm
Gregg – Fri Feb 22 6:30-7:30pm
Kiri – Fri Feb 22 8-9pm

Kiana – Wed Feb 27 8-9pm
Mary – Wed Feb 27 6:30-7:30pm
Mel – Wed Feb 27 5-6pm
Stephanie – Wed Feb 27 6:30-7:30pm and 8-9pm
Tom – Fri Feb 22 6:30-7:30pm
Zach – all recitals
Trish – all recitals

Location: The Madison Hotel in the main ballroom.  1 Convent Rd, Morristown. Google Maps

Recital Fee: $39 for one performer, performing siblings are an extra $15 each.
If your tuition is drawn monthly through Pike13 then your recital fee will be applied to the same payment method and no action is necessary from you.  If your tuition is either prepaid or through Paypal we will send you an e-invoice.
Audience Admission: Free. Invite everyone!
Concert dress for performers and audience
Formal.  The specifics are up to you but please dress as sharply and cleanly as possible.  We are asking that the audience members also dress for the occasion to help communicate that sense of importance to them, and to uphold the fancy theme of our fancy hotel ballroom.  Our aim all our recitals is “high class, low pressure”.
Concert Etiquette
Audience members: You play a very important role!  Our students have prepared to perform for an audience, not just their own family, so we are asking you to provide listening ears and enthusiastic faces for each and every performer. You will be helping us as a school to teach respect for others in observing proper concert etiquette. Please stay in your seat for the duration of the show. We promise to not run longer than 1 hour per recital and take minimum time between performers. Each performance starts the moment the applause for the last performance ends so there won’t be time to enter or exit without walking out on another student as they walk on stage. Use your best discretion when dealing with squirmy little ones, and know that we understand. If you need to take a young child out please don’t take your whole row of family with you.  Thank you for your help!
Your best still photos will be taken before the recital begins.  Please have your own camera ready and pose your performer either on stage or at the piano during the fifteen minutes before each recital begins.  You’ll get much better angles this way than during the actual performance later.  Pianists can play and get a feel for the touch and weight of the piano at this time.
We will have seats reserved in the front row for you to take video recordings of your performer and a time reserved for you to move to those seats before your performer is up.  Please do what you can to minimize movement and distractions during the performances.