We Have Flexible Summer Scheduling And Billing

You only pay for the weeks that you are available to come.

As long as you tell us by mid-June what weeks in the summer you will be away, your monthly payment for months including July and August will be reduced to reflect the actual number of lessons scheduled.  So yes, you CAN fit lessons into your busy and varied summer schedule.  Even just a few lessons in the summer will help!

Summer Lessons Are Important


You really do need to keep practicing to keep what you’ve learned and keep moving forward.  It is frustrating for both students and teachers to come back in the fall after a summer off and relearn skills.

Don’t Lose Time

We’ve found in past summers that when students take an entire summer off, when they return in the fall it often takes until Christmas to get back to they level they left off at in June.  That’s a lot of time lost!  Even if you have a busy summer ahead, if lessons are taken just once or twice a month in the summer it helps a lot with keeping on track and not digressing.

Priority Scheduling in the Fall 

Summer students get the top choice of teachers and lesson times in the fall, and if your summer is busy, you know busy the fall is going to be!  Don’t get stuck with the leftover times.

Retain Your Makeup Lessons

Students who don’t take a break in their enrollment, but keep their tuition payments monthly like the rest of the year, do not lose their accrued makeup lessons. However we still encourage you not to let too many makeup lessons build up. Missed lessons any time of year is a setback to learning.

If you are a new student, sign up today to keep the progress going through the summer on your instrument. Click “View Schedule” below, or give us a call at (973)786-1655.