Our virtual summer recitals are super soon!

Recital dates: Friday, July 31 and Tuesday, August 18

We’ll be running the recitals live online between 6:30-8:30pm. We will post a more detailed schedule of approximately what time each performer will be on by around noon on the day of the recitals. Come back to this page on the day of the recitals to get a link to view the recitals.

If you are a teacher, performer, or parent, and you need to confirm that you are participating, and/or are ready to submit program information, please do so using the form on the right.

Recital performances will be pre-recorded, but presented to a live audience over Zoom.

Guidelines for recording videos:

Use the best technology you have available. For most of us, that is our mobile phones
Dress nicely! You’re home but this is a formal recital. The details are up to you.
Performers are encouraged to smile at the start and end of their video.
Pianists are best recorded from the side, where we can see the side of their face and also their fingers. When recording string players, the f-holes should face the camera. Be sure to include their left hand in the frame.
Bright windows behind the performer tend to dim to face of the performer. Most cameras will adjust better shades closed, or with most of the light coming from behind the videographer.
Stand up and take a bow at the end! If you’ve already recorded your video without a bow it’s okay, it’s just a nice finishing touch.
Having an audience present for your recording is great and very encouraged! (also optional). If the audience is also in the video that’s extra special!


Fill out my online form.


Upload your videos here: