18 Commerce Street #1813
Flemington, NJ 08822
Phone: 973-786-1655
  • Flemington

Our largest location Morris Plains is conveniently located between Acme and the Mennen Skating Arena on East Hanover Avenue. A spacious waiting room and six roomy practice rooms are furnished with freshly tuned pianos and some of the greatest music teachers northern NJ has to offer all await you or your child for their lesson.

If you are coming on East Hanover Avenue from Speedwell, you will see the Acme on your left, and after the row of houses on your right BEFORE the overpass, there will be an entrance to our large parking lot. If you go over the overpass, you’ve gone too far.

If you’re coming from the other direction, with the Mennen skating arena on your left, you will make a left into our parking lot AFTER the overpass. If you pass the Acme on your right, you’ve gone too far.

Practice Room Morris Plains
Room to Spare

You can tell the priority a music school gives music education by the size of their practice rooms. If you’ve been to music schools before, especially those that also sell instruments, you are probably familiar with the sardine can lesson rooms. You won’t find that at our Morris Plains school in any of our six spacious lesson rooms. This is just another way you can tell that our priority lies in a quality educational experience.

Incredible Teachers

We will take any opportunity we can to express our gratitude for the caliber of teacher we attract and retain at our Morris Plains location. We interview so very many more than we hire because we are tremendously picky about expertise, pedagogy, and personality. So once we’ve hired someone, we do everything in our power to keep them happy.

Plenty To Do While You Wait

Once they arrive at our Morris Plains location we suggest that parents of students quietly stay inside the lesson room to observe what their child is learning whenever possible, but there are times when the better option is to spend the time in the waiting room. During this time there is plenty to keep you and your other children occupied. We have free wifi, coffee and tea, a slide, an air hockey table, and plenty of picture books, Duplos, and drawing supplies. Make yourself at home.

New Local Friends

Providing the best music education tailored to the needs of each student is our single passion. However, we also get a great deal of joy out of the role we play in connecting people in the Morris Plains community in the waiting room and the friendships that develop in the context of a love for music. Our staff won’t be the only ones excited to see you each week!