Our Teachers

Our number one priority in finding the right teachers to hire is that they have really fabulous, likable, positive personalities that shine with pride and joy in what they have to offer to their students and the world of music. We also work hard to make sure we treat these teachers well because they’re so unique in what they do we consider them irreplaceable, and we anticipate that you will feel the same.

Teacher Credentials

We’re so proud of this. Not only are our teachers very wonderful likable people, but they’re also very experienced and very well educated. Most of our teachers have masters degrees in music and all have bachelor’s degrees in music and graduated with high recognition.

When you’re comparing different locations to take private music lessons, please ask about education. There are no standards for who can teach music lessons and not all teachers out there are degreed. It is important that you or your child’s teacher is a master at the craft at which they teach.

Our teachers come with at least ten years of teaching experience and are established performers, performing regularly throughout the NJ/NY region. Really and truly, our greatest pride comes from the great teachers we have teaching in our school.

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